Core of Galaxy NGC4261 on 4/12/95 and portal to the secret chamber - family members only.
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Once upon a time in the infinite interplanetary space, there was a planet they called Home.
This place could only be reached through a secret Black Hole Portal left over by some very friendly flying alien creatures. They must have been finnish.
Even though planet's climate was pretty harsh, life could exist in pleasure, fun and happiness. Planet's natives were a very funny and giving species, passing smiles and drugs. Facing rough waters, unfamiliar fishes, tiny sea creatures, cruising boats, brainless aliens, funny pirates and colorful mermaids everywhere.
They only had one purpose in life.
Joy. Joy till extinction.

Camp layout 2003


NEWS 08/10/03

This is Burning Man 2003.
And this is Karma Kameleon Camp.
This is not just Orange & Blue.

9:30 / Authority. Motorala channel 13.2.

Feel the excitement. Preparations are on full throttle. Jaaa haaa.

Crazy minded colors and superstitial aliens are requested to proceed to gate A. There is the gathering point *


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